The Journey Begins!

I have loved travelling all my life and enjoy nothing more than the anticipation of heading to a new destination and spending hours trawling travel blogs, TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet guide books getting the itinerary in order!

My love of travel blogs has inspired me to start my own and share reviews and advice on places I have been!

My travel is usually on a medium budget (flying economy / premium economy) and hotels / apartments which are as close to the centre of the action as possible. Typically 4 star hotels but will go up or down a star if it is a better location / deal.

I book all accommodation through and flights are either with the airline directly or with STA Travel as they often have good prices on long haul flights!

I am also a massive food lover so finding interesting restaurants is a big focus for me. I have also been a Weight Watchers member most of my adult life so I do try and find some healthy stuff to photograph but I am known to go off the rails and eat as much as I want on holidays which isn’t always the best plan lol but hey ho!

Published by Hollie

I love to travel and have always loved reading travel blogs for ideas and inspiration and hopefully I can provide some useful (usually food related) advice for other travellers!

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